It’s hard to remember things when I’m on percoset. Thought I lost my wallet, but it was just hiding behind my flowers. Ohhh

10 more days with this bitch. 

10 more days with this bitch. 



It’s weird that i broke my forearm. It hasn’t registered yet that it’s actually happened. Maybe because i’ve been in drugs since wednesday? I don’t know. 


hah i need to ask my roommate if he can tape a plastic bag to my arm so i can shower. Oh this is going to be weird.


holy shit this splint itches so much. I want to take it off soo bad!


Haha I set this as my wallpaper and the cds were at the perfect place! hahahah

Haha I set this as my wallpaper and the cds were at the perfect place! hahahah



Sooo this happened.


My roommate knows i have broken arm and has seen the xray. Yet he just asked if I walk to school now. Do you really think I can ride my bike after breaking my FUCKING ARM YESTERDAY?!


I had some freaky ass dreams on percocet last night. like wtf. and i woke up at 7. awesome.


I don’t really want to tell fb that i broke my arm because EVERYONE will be like omg what happened! ugh


I went to the bike shop to get a new tube because mine wasn’t holding for some odd reason. Anywhoo, the guy was like you need new brake pads and I asked if I could install them myself and he was like you can try. Seriously man? I get that you want me to spend my money there but at least be more positive. fuck man.




get me cute lingerie, compliment my butt and feed me fruit

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This semester is so weird. I have mostly night classes so it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. I was thinking tomorrow, but the gym doesn’t open till 2 and I have class at 5:30 so its not a lot of time to bike there, climb, then come back. Blah. I do work saturday though so I can climb a lot that day, and hopefully go outside sunday but I need a belayer!! :(

And I think I have a pinch flat on my bike so that sucks a lot. Blah I’m so broke.

Also I went to a sustainability meeting last week and I was like we should have our meetings earlier because I have class in 30 minutes. And it was like no one heard me slash even cared. Ugh I try to get involved but no they just don’t fucking care and makes me frustrated.

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